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We designed and developed this website to share only single and sexy girls from European countries (mostly from Old Soviet Countries now named CIS Countries, like Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine), for single men from Europe or other foreign countries that think (as we do) that in Europe countries are the most beautiful girls of this world.

We do not only share profiles and pictures of single ladies from European countries looking for serious and long-term relationships, we also invest time and money to share useful information about General Dating, relationship tips, country information, country customs, and much more about dating and marriage information articles. We are into the dating industry since 2007 developing and publishing several dating websites, and having partnerships with local and international marriage agencies from several European countries that provide us with real and serious women profiles (looking for marriage) for the online male visitors of our online matchmaking website. We know that by using the internet to find your soul, you can find scammers searching for people like you (who want to find real love) to make fraud actions steal money, or receive gifts that they sell later to earn some money. So stay far away or think several times if a girl asks you for money to travel or asks for example for an expensive gift like a notebook to make a video conference with you. It is true that some girls have economic problems, but if you ask her later about her job (or read it in her online profile) and she answers that she works as a Manager in a company, is very strange that she wants money to buy a notebook because her old notebook does not work and she does not have money to pay for a new one. Thinks that this happens, because love has no limits but if you use logic and think you will be safe. If you have any doubt about a girl member, write to the team, and they will make efforts to re-check the girl and help you to be safe.

Take your time to browse the profiles of the sexy girls that we reviewed for you, and also take some time to read some of the dating articles that our authors wrote to help people like you to be successful. In the articles, you can find useful information about dating European girls and much more general dating tips. We are sure that we have experience in online dating and made the right effort to help people like you build this online dating website (based in European local dating agencies), especially for single men from the whole world, that want to build a family with a single lady of a European country.

Thanks for reading our “About Us” section to understand why we developed and designed this dating website. If you want to share ideas, have comments, or want to make recommendations write us to mail @ We are not perfect, so we are always open to hearing suggestions to improve our website services.

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