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Beautiful, poised, and exceptionally bright, Moldavian women are renowned across the world. People frequently say that they have light skin, dark hair, and either blue or green eyes when describing them. In addition to this, Moldavian women are renowned for their deep attachment to both their families and their communities. They often have high levels of education and a solid commitment to their work.

Here are some of the things that make Moldavian girls so special:

  • Their attractiveness. The inherent beauty of Moldavian women is well-known around the world. They have light skin, dark hair, and eyes that can be either blue or green. They typically take a lot of pride in how they look and always dress nicely.
  • Their wit and cleverness. Moldova Girls often have a high level of education. They have an impressive academic track record and frequently express an interest in continuing their education. They are also clever and humorous, and they are able to carry on a conversation about a wide range of subjects.
  • The values of their family. Girls in Moldavia tend to have strong relationships with their families. They have a strong connection to their family and the community, and they participate in many activities that include their family. In addition to this, they have a healthy regard for their elders and a solid work ethic.
  • Their refined taste in clothing. The girls in Moldavia have a fashion sense all their own. Most of the time, you’ll find them dressed in traditional Moldovan garb, but they also take great pleasure in mixing fashionable pieces into their wardrobe. They never fail to look chic and put together, and they are adept at accessorizing their outfits.
  • If you ever have the chance to meet a Moldavian girl, you will undoubtedly be astounded by her beauty, intelligence, and dedication to her family. Your life is going to be significantly improved by having her there.

Here are some pointers on how to make an impression on a young lady from Moldavia:

  • Be a gentleman. Show her that you respect her, and pay close attention to what she has to say.
  • Be punctual. The punctuality of others is highly valued by the Moldavian Girls.
  • Dress well. The way a man presents himself to a Moldavian woman is quite important.
  • Bring her either a token of your appreciation or flowers. This kind of act will convey to her that you are keeping her in mind and will indicate that you care.
  • It is best to steer clear of debating contentious subjects like politics and religion. Moldovian Girls are more interested in conversing about themes that are more lighthearted.
  • Make an effort to discuss topics that you both have an interest in. Because of this, you will be able to connect with her on a more meaningful level.
  • If you take these pieces of advice to heart, you will be well on your way to winning the heart of a Moldavian woman.

Nadejda PicName: Nadejda

Birthday:  4 / 7 / 1987

Height and Weight: 5’ 8” / 125 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Green and brown

Job: Teacher

Religion: Christian

From:  Moldavia, Kishinev city

A bit about of her:

She wants to date a man who knows that in a relationship both have respect for each other. He must share lots of common hobbies and interests as well as desire to reach the same objectives in our lives. The man of her dreams must make her smile and teach her good tips. Furthermore, she wants him to not forget about love and romance moments because they are important for all ladies.

She is a girl that likes genuineness, intelligence and kindness in people. The people that knows her say that she is easy-going and pleasant to talk. She does not like conflicts, fights and rumors. Her main rule is the more you give the more you receive! She likes to laugh make jokes and have fun

She likes going to watch movies at the cinema, going to the park with friends, and dancing. She also likes to hear music and traveling because she likes to learn about cultures and lifestyle.


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NelyaName: Nelya

Birthday: 11 / 14 / 1989

Height and Weight: 5’ 5” / 110 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Brown and Brown

Job: Psychologist

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Moldavia, Kishinev

A bit about of her:

Is a single girl from Moldova that wants to date a friendly, caring, all-sufficient and with good sense of humor man. He must be sensible but also patient. The main attributes of a man for her, are daring and strength. She values sociability and also genuineness.

She describes as curious, energetic and pleasing girl. She also describes as sincere person that hates lairs.

She really likes to dance because dancing she can express her feelings. She also likes knitting and like to spend her free time outdoor enjoying the sun and fresh air.


ElenaName: Elena

Birthday:  7 / 28 / 1983

Height and Weight: 5’ 7” / 110 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Blue and Blonde hair

Job: Cashier

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Moldavia, Kishinev city

A bit about of her:

For Elena is not easy to say what she expects from a man. But she dreams with these words: honest, friendly and loyalty. But as many girls she wants to find a faithful and family oriented man, a man who really likes natural blond girls. She is in a dating agency because her main goal is to find real love.

She is a girl that not needs material things to be happy, she only wants care, love, passion and also affection. She thinks that these feelings can bring true happiness. She is a girl open to try new things. Like to study, sports, traveling, reading, watching movies (at least one per day), cooking, love animals and spend free time making outdoor activities.


ZoyaName: Zoya

Birthday:  3 / 8 / 1985

Height and Weight: 5’ 6” / 121 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Brown / Blonde

Job: Manager

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Moldavia, Kishinev city

A bit about of her:

For this single girl with advanced English level that does not like to drink or smoke, values like as well as lasting relationship are definitely the most important. For that reason she wants to date a man to share her love, passion and care.

She describes as a reliable girl who understands how to share and care about dear people. Everyday life is about living each moment as unique. She is a girl that likes to smile and tries to be a happy person.

She really enjoys her work, and also likes camping, travel, swimming, going to the theater and arts. She likes to read books and to watch romantic comedies. She is interested in poetry, psychology, music and philosophy.


AlexandraName: Alexandra

Birthday:  10 / 6 / 1986

Height and Weight: 5’ 9” / 130 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Gray and blonde hair

Job: Administrator

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Moldavia,

A bit about of her:

This single blonde girl from Moldavia that likes to drink socially but does not like to smoke searches for a loyal, honest, sincere, romantic, family oriented and goal oriented man. Few features for a man?

In this sexy girl you will find kindness, attention, genuineness, fidelity, good sense of humor, goal-oriented and family oriented girl.

She have many interest like Barbecues, making picnics with friends, swimming, beach and sea, fitness, play pool, play bowling, listen music, watch movies, cooking, singing in the shower and also reading!


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