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Euro Ukraine Girls Top Profiles
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AnnaName: Ana

Birthday:  5 / 4 / 1992

Height and Weight: 5’ 3” / 116 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Blue / Blonde

Job: Customer Service Specialist

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Ukraine, Odessa City

A bit about of her:

For sure really know what she would like from a boyfriend and the things she must give to him. She is able to satisfy you and make you feel like a real king! She is searching for a husband in another country mainly because she was not able to match the right man in my country. She is searching for a loving, honest and thoughtful man with an excellent sense of humor. Somebody who looks sexy, confident and knows what he wishes in daily life.

She love my entire life, and definitely, she desire a male who'll be the right one. My lifestyle is easy. She knows exactly how to spend each and every moment with passion and also intelligence, with desire and positive thoughts. She is a young girl but that knows when to talk, when to behave or how to make happy her beloved. You can send her a letter or try to chat. She is looking for serious relationships with a foreign soul mate.

She have a lot of interests: she enjoys self-education, traveling, dancing, cooking and skiing. She enjoys to learn about foreign cultures and traditions. She also likes to listen music, going to the theatre, watching movies, ice-skating and going out for shopping


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KarinaName: Karina

Birthday:  1 / 14 / 1993

Height and Weight: 5’ 4” / 123 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Gray / Chestnut

Job: Student

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Ukraine, Kharkov city

A bit about of her:

She do not have accurate criterias for a husband. I think that honesty and care are the base of romantic relationship. She additionally desire to match serious man who desires long term relationship. If you think that is for you, write her and tell a bit about you.

She is polite and friendly girl that likes to meet new people and share interests. She is positive and friendly at the same time. I usually aim to deliver helpful feelings. She believe that being positive is useful even when you have to deal with problems. Really do her best to reach objectives.

She have several things to do, like collecting cups, also like to read books and articles in magazines and spend time watching new movies.



OlgaName: Olga

Birthday:  10 / 25 / 1993

Height and Weight: 5’ 9” / 116 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color:  Blue and blonde

Job: Designer

Religion: Orthodox

From:  Ukraine, Kiev city

A bit about of her:

Olga is single girl from Ukraine that wants to build a family with a liable man which must be caring, kind, strong, communicative and decent. She is searching for a super hero but physical appearance does not matter for her, he must be emotional strong and reached some results in his life.

She describes as honest, kind, caring and smart girl being also friendly. She has a wide range of interest, like sports, culture, theatres, and any outdoor nature activity. About interests she loves to practice sports like tennis, running and swimming. She also likes to make fitness and make long walks.


AlisaName: Alisa

Birthday: 3 / 6 / 1992

Height and Weight: 5’ 9” / 112 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color: Brown / Brown

Job: Student

Religion: Orthodox

From: Ukraine, Kiev

A bit about of her:

She searches for a male with some of these qualities: dedicated, manly, wise, mindful, sincere, high minded (higher ethical concepts). A man who can stay reliable and might treat her like a woman

She is interesting, looking for someone quite. She can be different. She is sensitive, funny and direct sometimes. She does not like lies as well as two faced individuals. I am a-one man woman with intimate heart. She have good communication skills having a nice personality. I've a great sense of humor and being kind as well as patient having an available brain.

She likes literary works: reading and composing tales too. She would enjoy to create couple of publications some time. In addition she really likes to watch movies, meeting my personal buddies because I hate to be alone. Additionally she likes medication, geography and photography. Participated in the beauty competition "Miss Ukraine"


TatyanaName: Tatyana

Birthday: 1 / 5 / 1993

Height and Weight: 5’ 10” / 112 lbs

Eyes and Hair Color: Blue / blonde

Job: Architect

Religion: Orthodox

From: Ukraine, Odessa city

A bit about of her:

The man of her fantasy is straightforward, loving, smart, caring, mild and impulsive. He must be a guy with a good sense of humor, be good individual and caring spouse. She would like him to love children with his heart.

She is a very easy-going woman that love to enjoy. She love to interconnect with interesting individuals. She would like to find somebody special to share each of her emotions and passions. She loves to laugh she always makes the effort to make world near her better.

She is a tremendously active lady. She can’t sit in one place. She like to dance (it is her personal hobby). She like to get away with friends. Also I like listen music. My favorite songs tend to be about love. I love to pay attention to music and imagine my personal love history.


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