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Europeans vs Latin People
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Europeans are more passionate than Latin People

In general we have the idea that Europeans are distant and cold treatment people, but new surveys say the opposite.

While we are all individual beings and have our own relationship behaviors in love and sexuality, there are some aspects that stand out in the different breeds and should not be indifferent.

Note that we are talking about generalities, because what determines a good or bad lover are much more complex and personal aspects.

According to a worldwide study, the Greeks would be the most active sexually in the world, with an average of 138 sexual relations per year. On the other hand is known worldwide, the level of passion of the Italians.

The people of Asia, unlike the Europeans are quite less fiery. For example, according to the same study, the Japanese kept only 45 sexual encounters per year. In Singapore, things are a bit better with 73 annual sexual encounters.

It is proven that Asian men have a smaller virile texture than the rest of the world. Sure that no one feels offended, we will appeal to that old saying that reads "no matter the size of the boat, but the movement of the tide".

On the other hand, black men are more powerful. It is a matter of genes. In addition, hot and humid climate in countries with warm climate (like Caribbean countries) boosts passionate encounters. Additionally you must add that they lead rhythm in blood. Without doubts all the elements gather here to have a wonderful sex life.

Again it is necessary to repeat that generalization is never good. Certainly there must be some exceptions in the black race.

What about the myth of the Latin lovers?

Let us be honest … do you still believe that Latin people are good and hot lovers? Well, it must be said that this is one of the many myths that are woven around the sexuality of the different types of races that populate our world.

Probably a single European girl swear that if she gives a walk in an American city from Central or South America will end her trip with a big smile on his face. Also the same thought for a single man that visit a Central American country or a South America country… but that could be true in some countries and a big lie.

There is nothing bad in the harmless idea that Latinos and Latinas are passionate, wild and even sexually people and even more hot than Nordic Teutonic or American pragmatists. What is distressing is that the prototype will become an exaggerated caricature thanks to some movies.

It is not bad to accept the frivolous side of the category "Latin lover", because many Latin people use this to flirt and conquer. May even be a compliment, who does not want to be compared with Valentino, Gardel, Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara or Salma Hayek? However, spinning fine, it can be an insult.

So we can conclude that not all Latin males are a bulls or passionate lovers that will shake your bed. 

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