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Guidance to flirt in Europe
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In which European countries you can reach the bed on the first night? How to flirt or date in European countries? We try to teach in this article how to interact with the opposite sex in some European countries.

There is a market survey carried by Meetic about Singles and Love in Europe, which yields surprising results. The company analyzed the behaviors and perceptions of Europeans about different aspects related to love, sex, couple, and social customs. To carry out this study, they asked the opinion to more than 5,000 people that live in five European countries: Germany, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom.

The main conclusions? Spain is the country where it is easier to flirt and go to bed after the first meeting, but it is seen more permissiveness and sexual freedom in France (27%) and England (21%). In addition, 'Iberian males' are considered by a large number of Europeans girls as one of the most handsome, funny and attractive of the continent.


Flirt and Date in Europe

Flirting is not just a way to pass the time; it is also a conduct that characterizes the cultures and societies, constituting an essential part of human nature. The way of flirting varies between European countries, so if you are preparing a trip to Europe and you do not know how to seduce Europeans, we share review about the ways of flirting and dating in the most important cities of the old continent.


Berlin. It is said that the Germans are cold and distant when they flirt. But Berlin thanks to the resurgence of their nightlife it has become one of the favorite cities for flirting in Europe, because the quantity of people with different customs and because the artistic effervescence.

The best places to flirt are the East zone bars that have become the hottest local fashion. Kreuzberg yuppies wait in the pubs of areas such as Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. To play safe, take a drink in Fritz Berlin (Warschauer Strasse 34), a night club for singles whose motto is “eat, enjoy and flirt”.


Paris. French set much in appearance and in the first general impression. We not talk about being perfect, we mean about having a mysterious and attractive image. But beware, some Parisians tend to be arrogant, so a bit of shine to their ego and you'll earn some points. By the way, their favorite’s places to make a first contact are cafes.

To start a wine or a beer or a drink in bars with pretty decorations go to Oberkampf Street. If you want to meet Bohemian Parisian, go to the multiethnic district of Pigalle or to Belleville, a popular district with typical cafés for intellectuals. Close to Saint Paul metro you can enjoy some disco where you can dance 'deep house music' in a very crazy environment.

Rome. The interests of Italians, and particularly of the Romans, are pasta and flirting (especially with Spanish women). Just see Berlusconi. Their tactic is very simple: treat women as a gentleman (open the car door, set aside the Chair to sit, write love note on a napkin...) and flirt all of them. So if you’re a girl in the first date and he swears eternal love, be careful!

Rome is a city to live in their streets, sociable, which the Romans take advantage of free time to drink something with friends. Some of the best places (and where with luck, you will see some footballers), is the Goa, (Via Libetta, 13). On Tuesdays night the best place to go is the Artcafe (Piazza di Siena).


London. At the beginning you can crash with the 'English' humor that British people have. The English people have a reputation of talking too much, and more if they pick up confidence.

Soho area is hot spot for drinks and to meet people. Two areas that are fashionable nowadays are Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove in the West and Old Street/Shoreditch in the East. You also have the world famous Ministry of Sound macrodiscoteca (103 Gaunt Street, SE1), in which sound house and garage music.

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